bike project

Bike Project

Grad School Project

Tech: Arduino, Processing, Prototyping

Tags: Digital, Interactive

Project Description

The Bike Project idea came to me shortly after I received a bike trainer for my road bike. A bike trainer is a contraption that is hooked up to the back of any outdoor bike and converts it to a stationary bike. While riding my bike, I realized how boring it can be to sit in one place and ride a bike for an extended period of time. Light Bulb! Create a game that can be attached to my bike and hooked up to any laptop or TV to be played. Using two lever switches and a reed switch I set up a program where the rider can ride through a maze on screen. When the rider begins to pedal, the virtual bike on screen moves forward by reading the input from the reed switch. When the rider turns the handle bars, the lever switch is deployed and signals to the virtual bike to turn in the direction the rider turned. To add a challenge to this game, I created a maze onscreen that the rider must journey through. When they hit a wall, they automatically go back to start. This fun and engaging program has made my time on the bike bearable and fun. Check out the GIF below for a further explanation.